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Business Defamation & Trade Libel

Los Angeles Business Defamation and Trade Libel Lawyers

At the Syverson Law Firm, we handle numerous Internet defamation and trade libel cases each year. We focus on the control and defense of your company's brand integrity and goodwill in the marketplace.

Los Angeles Online Reputation Slander Attorneys: Protecting the Reputation of Your Business

Our California business defamation attorneys represent companies in Internet defamation, trade libel and unfair business practices litigation. The Internet has exposed many businesses to defamatory attacks perpetrated by competitors or former employees.

We have developed innovative strategies to combat defamatory attacks on our clients' products and services. Contact us today to meet with a highly skilled Internet law attorney.

Defending Businesses Against Online Libel

During the past two decades, we have represented the following companies and professionals with pre-litigation removal of damaging slander posted online and lawsuits to recover damages for such activity. Some examples include:

  • A well-known educational development company with annual revenues in excess of $35 million was defamed repeatedly by a disgruntled former employee on several well-known business review sites. Our law firm obtained removal of all defamatory content without the need to file a lawsuit based upon pre-litigation legal demand letters advancing novel breach of contract claims for the websites' failure to observe their own terms and conditions. Over two dozen defamatory reviews were removed.

  • A significant settlement before trial on behalf of a national consumer services company with annual revenues in excess of $40 million.

  • A judgment on behalf of a debt collection company for a single defamatory Internet posting on RipoffReport website

  • A national radiology company in litigation against a competitor seeking seven figures for damages caused by Internet-based defamation and unfair competition in the marketplace.

  • A multi-million dollar judgment for a large real estate company CEO.

  • A judgment on behalf of a large dental services company.

  • Secured the removal of dozens of defamatory reviews against a consumer credit company through litigation.

  • A former CEO of a national telecom company in defamation litigation against business competitors.

  • Removal of defamatory Twitter postings on behalf of an NBA star.

  • A well-known Los Angeles restaurant group in obtaining the removal of dozens of false and defamatory reviews.

  • Unmasked the identity of several anonymous posters defaming a public company on InvestorsHub website and driving down the stock price in a stock manipulation scheme leading to damages in excess of $5 million.

  • Removal of defamatory Youtube videos for various social media celebrities.

Erik Syverson and our legal team understand the importance and value of brand reputation in the Internet age. We handle several business defamation cases every year and offer clients the sound legal advice and clear insight required to mount an effective legal strategy.  Our flat fee pricing allows businesses to properly budget for the right legal strategy to achieve concrete goals.

Not only do we have a thorough understanding of Internet defamation law, we have the skills to protect your rights in and out of court. If your company is facing defamation, libelous reviews and unfair competition, contact our office to schedule a consultation.

Internet Business Defamation Attorneys

A business defamation scenario commonly involves a business competitor:

  • Placing false or defamatory Internet ads
  • Constructing multiple special purpose defamatory websites
  • Posting defamatory reviews on consumer rating websites

We are able to unmask and prove the defendant's liability in these cases through our own forensic investigations and use of subpoenas propounded to third parties such as Internet service providers, Google, Yelp!, Twitter, Glassdoor, Facebook and others.

Defendants may attempt to use defensive tools such as anti-SLAPP motions, motions to quash and consumer objections, but such efforts are likely to fail as commercial speech enjoys less protection than other forms of speech under applicable case law.

In proving damages, we work with clients to retain:

  • Economic damages experts
  • Review CRM files
  • Analyze historical sales and revenue data

This often provides powerful support for damages claims in front of juries, judges, arbitrators and mediators.

Anonymous Defamation and Evidence Preservation

If the source of defamation is anonymous, we file a "John Doe" lawsuit and utilize our firm's skill and experience to unmask the defendant(s). There are multiple sources of forensic data that may lead to identifying poster information, including:

  • Server logs
  • Email headers and addresses
  • IP addresses and time stamps
  • Service providers
  • Domain name registrations
  • Screen names

Retention of an experienced Internet law firm at the onset of a case is essential so that valuable evidence may be preserved for use in litigation and trial.  We charge a flat fee of $10,000 for John doe lawsuits, inclusive of court costs.

Contact Our Internet Defamation Attorneys Today

To schedule a consultation, contact our LA office today online or call 310-270-6000 to meet with a highly skilled Los Angeles online reputation and slander lawyer.  Before your call, please organize your thoughts in order to quickly answer the five W's of defamation.  Who defamed you?  What did they say?  When did they say it? Why did they say it (is there a personal history)? Where did they say it (was it on Facebook)?