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Los Angeles Business Litigation Attorneys

At Syverson, Lesowitz & Gebelin, LLP, our trial lawyers have represented businesses in complex commercial litigation matters across the country. Our litigation philosophy emphasizes innovation, efficiency and aggressiveness. We represent both plaintiffs and defendants in state, federal and appellate cases. Our commercial litigation clients are leading companies in diverse industries including real estate development, banking and financial services, insurance, entertainment, pharmaceuticals and technology.

Business and Commercial Litigation in Los Angeles

Examples of recent cases include:

  • Successful defense of several lender liability cases resulting from various unrealized commercial and residential development projects.

  • Defense of lawsuits filed by government agencies such as the Federal Trade Commission relating to internet advertising.

  • Copyright and trademark infringement cases including a recent dismissal with prejudice of a case seeking seven figures in damages for internet based infringement of a national health care clinic.

  • Class-action lawsuit defense of automotive parts company.

  • Internet class actions on issues such as pay-per-click fraud, unfair advertising practices and unfair business practices under California Business and Professions Code Section 17200.

  • Successfully represented a national travel company as a plaintiff in a case seeking damages for unfair competition relating to false and defamatory internet reviews posted by a direct competitor.

  • Commercial lease disputes involving the outdoor advertising industry.

  • Enforcement of liens and secured debt positions with regard to a number of industries, including warehousing, international logistics and freight, import/exports, international banks and commercial printing.

  • Representation of private equity investors victimized by fraudulent investment schemes.

Our Commercial Litigation Approach

We have found that optimum litigation and trial results are achieved through careful planning and strategy. We work with our commercial litigation clients to set reasonable budgets and timelines for litigation goals. This includes focused discovery efforts and summary judgment filings if appropriate. Many commercial cases involve breach of contract claims, theft of trade secrets and violations of the Business and Professions code. We have a thorough understanding of the relevant law related to these claims. As such, we are able to staff cases more efficiently than many larger law firms. We typically staff business litigation matters with one partner and one or two associates in order to eliminate duplicative billing entries that plague many commercial litigants.

As a commercial litigation law firm, we have represented the following entities:

  • Investment Banks
  • Land Developers
  • Internet Marketing Companies
  • Automotive Dealerships
  • Outdoor Advertising Companies
  • Travel and Leisure Brands
  • Web and Software Development Companies
  • Movie Studios
  • Musicians and Athletes including Bob Dylan, Axl Rose and Motley Crue
  • Management Firms
  • Industrial Manufacturers

As experienced trial lawyers, we understand how to focus on the relevant facts and evidence to guide your case through the legal process in the most efficient manner possible. We routinely prevail in trials where millions of dollars are at stake.

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