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Case Study - The Dirty Doctor

Many years ago, an anonymous person began emailing defamatory statements to the law partners of a an orange county lawyer.  The lawyer filed suit himself and then realized he needed my expertise to obtain the smoking gun digital evidence to prove the identity of the defendant.  Upon retention, I began to subpoena relevant isp's.  Despite having obtained the smoking gun evidence, the defendant, an orange county doctor dating the ex-wife of my client, continued to deny his culpability in the matter.  In fact, the evidence I obtained was so specific we found he was sending these emails from the operating room.  It did not go well for this cowardly weasel at trial.  The jury awarded my client a six figure verdict for emotional distress and awarded six figures in punitive damages.  several years later, as a direct result of this jury verdict, the California medical board revoked the doctor's license.