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While we are highly specialized and typically handle litigation involving the Internet and technology, we cut our teeth as general nuts and bolts litigators and trial attorneys. We are not afraid to go to trial because we are good at it. We believe in keeping score and our collective trial record is 20 – 2. Civil Litigation entails many ups and downs and it is typically an expensive, lengthy process. However, we are one of the few firms that can provide cost certainty because the Syverson Law Firm charges flat fees instead of traditional hourly billing.  Most law firms billing by the hour are incentivized to work against your best interest.  The less efficient and longer they take to resolve your case, the more money the law firm makes.  In an age where most law firm associates are expected to bill 2,000 hours annually, whether in the client's best interest or not, it's no wonder why our clients prefer our flat fee pricing.  Whether we resolve your case in 1 day or 1 year, we make the same amount of money.  Erik Syverson is incentivized to resolve your case quickly and efficiently.

Representing Businesses in Commercial Litigation

Attorney Erik Syverson, and our legal team have considerable experience handling a variety of civil litigation cases throughout the United States. We have won cases in courtrooms in New York City, Chicago, Miami, Seattle, Portland and almost every city in California including Los Angeles, Santa Ana, San Diego, San Francisco, Riverside and San Jose. From our Los Angeles law office, we have handled cases in a variety of state and federal courts including various appellate courts. We represent companies and executives in high stakes commercial litigation relating to the business of the Internet. For example, we are currently litigating video game copyright infringement cases against Chinese infringers in San Francisco. On the other hand, we represent hedge fund owners in data breach litigation against Equifax.

We invite you to call 310-270-6000 or contact our Los Angeles office via e-mail to schedule a consultation. We handle a wide variety of civil litigation cases, including:

Every Case is Unique and Strategy is Important

It takes experience to put together an effective litigation strategy that limits expense and maximizes results. We never do things because "that's the way we've always done it." Every case has its own DNA and deserves its own unique strategy.

In today’s business environment, almost all commercial litigation includes a component of cyber liability and digital evidence. That is why our practice is devoted to these areas. We know how to obtain the winning evidence, preserve it and present it at trial in admissible and understandable form. If your commercial litigation matter contains a digital component, we are happy to provide our assistance. Erik Syverson, alongside California judges, has provided digital evidence seminars to various bar and judicial organizations.

Although the business litigation process is often time consuming, we don't "churn" cases by engaging in unnecessary work. We don't file frivolous motions or go to Court unless there is ample reason to do so. As commercial litigators, we only perform work that advances the strategic ball. In addition, we work to limit our opponent's ability to run up civil litigation costs with needless delay tactics.

Contact Our Los Angeles Commercial Litigation Law Firm

To speak with us about the specifics of your case in a confidential consultation, contact our law office today. All attorney consultations, even prior to retention, are confidential and protected by the attorney client privilege. We are also available to serve as expert witnesses in commercial litigation relating to data breaches and Internet extortion cases.