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Civil Litigation

Los Angeles Civil Litigation Lawyers

If you are involved in a business dispute and the need for civil litigation arises, it is crucial that you choose the right attorney. Civil litigation is both expensive and time consuming. We approach each case strategically to position our clients for optimal results. Our opponents are aware of our ability and reputation as trial lawyers. We like going to trial, and we are good at it.

Representing Businesses in Commercial Litigation

Attorney Erik Syverson, and our legal team have considerable experience handling a variety of civil litigation cases throughout the United States. From our Los Angeles law office, we have handled cases in a variety of state and federal courts, including the California Court of Appeals. We represent companies and executives in high stakes commercial litigation.

We invite you to call 310-341-3074 or contact our Los Angeles office via e-mail to schedule a consultation. We handle a wide variety of civil litigation cases, including:

Every Case is Unique and Strategy is Important

It takes experience to put together an effective litigation strategy that limits expense and maximizes results. We never do things because "that's the way we've always done it." Every case has its own DNA and deserves its own unique strategy.

Although the business litigation process is often time consuming, we don't "churn" cases by engaging in unnecessary work. We don't file frivolous motions or go to Court unless there is ample reason to do so. As commercial litigators, we only perform work that advances the strategic ball. In addition, we work to limit our opponent's ability to run up civil litigation costs with needless delay tactics.

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