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Class Action Defense

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Erik Syverson and our legal team provide experienced class action defense representation in state and federal courts across the country. We have recently defended a number of businesses in various consumer class actions including an automotive parts manufacturer, a large entertainment production company with a direct sales platform and a national long distance telephone company.

In 2021, Erik Syverson scored a resounding victory in the matter of Hyoguchi v. Westfield in the Central District of California.  Erik represented an Austrian software company accused of violating plaintiff's privacy rights in the use of parking structure technologies at shopping malls.  Among approximately ten defendants in a high stakes multi million dollar class action, Erik secured a dismissal for his client while the case proceeded against numerous other defendants such as Westfield shopping center.  Erik's client, Indect software, is one of several European technology companies Erik has represented during his twenty year career.  

We are unique among class action litigation law firms in that we have also successfully represented plaintiffs in several high profile national class actions. Partner Erik Syverson is one of the few attorneys to have succeeded in representing internet advertisers in class action claims for pay per click advertising fraud. We were also the first law firm in the country to file class action claims against a law school for fraudulent employment data. Our experience allows us to provide insightful strategy for the benefit of our class action defense clients. We understand class action litigation from both sides of the coin.

We defend consumer class actions based upon false advertising and failures to disclose, violations of California’s unfair business practices statute, breach of contract claims, privacy violation claims and unjust enrichment. With regard to labor and employment class action defense, we represent companies sued for wage and hour violations.

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The Experience and Skill to Defend Complex Class Action Litigation

Our law firm understands the crucial legal issues that determine the outcome in class action lawsuits. We are able to defend cases by obtaining summary judgment rulings or orders dismissing class action cases with prejudice. Class certification and class representation are often determinative issues in class action litigation defense. We are able to strike class members after rulings on the merits thereby disposing of entire classes of claims or severely narrowing the scope of a class. On class certification issues, we have experience with interlocutory appellate review of class certification orders.

As class action defense attorneys, we understand the value of the Class Action Fairness Act ("CAFA") as a defense tool. CAFA is a federal statute that allows class action defendants to remove lawsuits filed in state court to federal court. In many circumstances, federal court is a more advantageous venue for defending class action claims. Of course, this is not true in every circumstance and we only seek removal pursuant to CAFA in strategically advantageous situations.

We handle all phases of class action defense. We conduct pre-certification discovery, file dispositive motions that dismiss or restrict class claims, file interlocutory appeals of class certification rulings, serve as trial lawyers in the event of a class action trial, and settle class action litigation through alternative dispute resolution. We are also familiar with litigating class notice and administrative issues. We provide comprehensive class action defense counsel from start to finish.

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