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Defamation Cease and Desist Letters

Cease and Desist letters can be an effective way to avoid protracted and costly litigation.  Cease and Desist letters are not official court filings.  Cease and Desist letters are correspondence from a lawyer on behalf of a client requesting that an individual or business entity terminate ongoing wrongful conduct such as social media defamation or unfair competition.  These letters are issued from a law firm and make various demands in exchange for promises to terminate ongoing defamation or requesting financial compensation for harm caused by libel and slander.  These letters usually provide a grace period of one to two weeks for compliance or, in emergency situations, immediate 24 hour compliance.  

Our California law firm is able to effectuate service of such letters via email or formal legal process.  For example, we can serve such demands upon tech titans like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Yelp via their registered agents for service of process in Sacramento, California.  Alternatively, we may serve social media companies at their headquarters in San Francisco, Palo Alto or San Jose.  

Our Los Angeles defamation law firm provides flat fee cease and desist services ranging from $2,000 to $5,000 for more complex business matters.