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Judges make errors like any other human being. Unfortunately, a judicial error often determines the outcome of a lawsuit. Judges may misapply the law on dispositive motions or at trial which leads to the dismissal of valid, high value plaintiffs' cases. Conversely, judges may make mistakes instructing jurors or allow the consideration of improper evidence which leads to an unjust verdict against a defendant. When judicial error involves significant financial consequences, it is essential to choose an experienced and knowledgeable California appeals attorney to represent your interests. We represent businesses and executives in civil appeals throughout California and the Ninth Circuit.

Los Angeles Appellate Lawyers

Erik Syverson and Syverson, Lesowitz & Gebelin, LLP have represented numerous high-profile clients and have handled multimillion-dollar appellate cases from our Los Angeles law firm. We represent both appellants and respondents in the civil appeals process. If you need to appeal a negative result at the trial court level or need to oppose an appeal, contact us to represent your interests in the California Court of Appeal.

We have built a solid foundation of appellate experience over the years and have gained invaluable knowledge regarding appellate procedure and successful client strategies. Our appellate practice is divided into two general areas of practice: the California Courts of Appeal and the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.

California Courts of Appeal Attorneys

The California Courts of Appeal are comprised of sixth district courts located throughout the state of California. We are able to represent our clients in all six districts. These California Appellate courts are able to review decisions made in the Superior Courts of California. Common appealable issues include the following:

  • Damages awarded at trial;
  • Improper jury instructions;
  • Jury verdicts and/or final judgments;
  • Awards of attorney fees and costs;
  • Summary Judgment rulings; and
  • Anti-SLAPP motion rulings (C.C.P. section 425.16);

In addition to the filing of an appeal of a final ruling or judgment, litigants in the Superior Court may seek interlocutory relief by filing a writ with the Appellate Court. While an appeal must be accepted and ruled upon, the Court may refuse to accept a writ application. We have filed numerous writs and appeals over the years and have a full understanding of the appropriate procedure for our clients' particular situations.

The highest level of review in California is performed by the California Supreme Court in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Sacramento. It reviews decisions by the California Courts of Appeal. The Supreme Court's rulings are binding upon all California state courts. Our Los Angeles law firm represents businesses, entrepreneurs and executives before the California Supreme Court.

Recent Appellate Victory

California appellate lawyer Erik Syverson recently prevailed at trial in the matter of Superior Property of Carson v. Viacom, obtaining a judgment for the defense and a seven figure award of attorney's fees and costs. The plaintiff appealed the judgment and Erik successfully represented the defendant in the appeal. On appeal, the judgment for Erik's client and the attorney's fees award were upheld.

United States Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals reviews decisions in federal District Court lawsuits from the western states of California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, Montana, Alaska and Hawaii. We argue cases before the Ninth Circuit on behalf of businesses and intellectual property rights holders. Our Ninth Circuit practice includes cases involving the Lanham Act, trademark rights, copyrights, First Amendment rights, class action certification, CAFA, DMCA, and the Communications Decency Act section 230.

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As California appellate attorneys, we are able to efficiently review and synthesize the facts, record and law in order to effectively brief our clients' positions. Our experience and training as oral advocates provides the needed support for our appellate briefing at oral argument. Contact our law firm online to meet with a highly skilled appellate attorney in Los Angeles, California.