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When an individual or business finds themselves sued by a government agency, it can feel like an unfair fight. With extensive financial and legal resources, the playing field is tilted toward the government. Also, the FTC and California Attorney General have broad powers to freeze your assets and appoint a receiver. If things are looking dire for your business, it is critical to retain an experienced FTC defense law firm to fight for your company's livelihood.

FTC and Attorney General Defense Attorneys

Take a deep breath and relax.  You are in the right place.  Erik Syverson has considerable experience defending FTC and Attorney General lawsuits. If your company is sued by the Federal Trade Commission or an Attorney General, Mr. Syverson and our legal team can help you level the playing field. Erik has responded to dozens of FTC CID letters.  Recently responding on behalf of an Israeli digital marketing firm.  No legal claims were filed against Erik's client after Erik's skilled response.  Rapport with a government agency like the FTC is important and Mr. Syverson enjoys a cooperative relationship with FTC offices across the country, including Washington D.C.

Our FTC defense law firm is committed to protecting your rights in FTC and Attorney General lawsuits. To schedule a confidential consultation, contact our law office today online or call 310-270-6000.

We have extensive experience defending businesses that have been sued by the Federal Trade Commission, California Attorney General or other consumer protection agencies. We handle a broad range of regulatory compliance cases, including those involving consumer fraud, false advertising and unfair business practices related to internet marketing, health products, consumer credit and business opportunities.

The FTC Act Includes Broad Powers of Regulation and Enforcement

The Federal Trade Commission Act (15 U.S.C. §§ 41-58) empowers the FTC to conduct investigations, freeze assets, file civil actions seeking monetary damages, obtain permanent injunctions and make recommendations to Congress. The California Attorney General has similar powers. The bottom line is that these government agencies have the power to put you out of business and seize all of your assets. It is therefore critical to retain experienced counsel with stakes this high.

Common Actions Brought by the FTC and California Attorney General

The broad nature of the FTC's powers and the laws that it enforces subjects many legitimate businesses and industries to the danger of an enforcement action. Actions are commonly brought under the CAN-SPAM Act, Consumer Credit Protection Act, COPPA and California's Business and Professions Code Sections 17200 and 17500. Erik Syverson has defended debt collection companies, call centers, business opportunities, credit repair, email marketers, affiliate networks, payment processors, consumer credit companies, insurance companies and health products companies in FTC and Attorney General lawsuits.

The FTC has now taken on a prominent role in prosecuting companies for lax or deceptive data security and privacy practices. We have a wealth of experience in this area given our internet and cyber liability practice. We understand not only the law but the technological and practical challenges presented by data security in today’s environment. The game has now permanently changed thanks to a recent decision in the matter of FTC v. Wyndham Worldwide Corp. In this groundbreaking case, the Court affirmed the FTC’s ability and authority to prosecute cases related to a company’s lax cyber security. We expect to see a large increase in actions brought by the FTC has a result.

Contact a FTC Defense Law Firm Today for Experienced Representation

It is much more costly to attempt to fix early mistakes than it is to handle a case correctly from the start. The early stages of an FTC or Attorney General action are often critical because of the danger of temporary restraining orders and asset freezes. The review and handling of evidence such as hard drives, recorded verification calls and customer lists are essential to your defense. Put our firm's experience to work for you at the onset of your case to ensure the best possible defense strategy. If you are contacted by the FTC or Attorney General, contact our law firm to schedule a consultation with a highly skilled California FTC defense lawyer.