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Los Angeles Interactive Gaming Attorneys

The video game industry is undergoing a revolution resulting in a wave of litigation. Console based gaming is shifting from a unit sales model to a licensing and digital distribution model. The accessibility of online games and iPhone apps has led to fierce competition between social gaming companies. Copyright and patent infringement is widespread across social media platforms. Virtual currency usage in social media gaming has caused disputes involving payment processors and user property rights. The interactive gaming industry is global and, as such, procedural problems such as jurisdiction and venue often present complicated legal questions.

At the law firm of Syverson, Lesowitz & Gebelin, LLP, we offer strong advocacy and legal counsel to video game publishers, payment processors and interactive gaming companies seeking to protect their position in the marketplace. One of our firm's partners, Erik Syverson, is at the cutting edge of internet law, intellectual property infringement and technology litigation.

Protect Your Video Game Company's Position in the Marketplace

Attorney Syverson and our legal team have represented video game developers and publishers, new media companies, payment processors and advertisers in interactive gaming litigation. Contact our law firm to meet with a highly skilled Los Angeles video game lawyer.

Gaming Litigation in the United States and Across the Globe

Gaming companies, virtual currency providers and mobile phone app creators face stiff competition throughout the world. Tech companies are seeking to gain an upper hand in the marketplace, often at the expense of another company's intellectual property. In recent years, we've witnessed a rise in gaming infringement originating from markets such as China and Brazil. Our law firm offers aggressive litigation representation around the globe regarding:

  • Licensing disputes
  • Royalty disputes
  • Virtual currency and payment processor disputes
  • Theft of trade secrets
  • Infringement of mobile gaming platforms
  • Infringement of console-based gaming platforms
  • Infringement of browser-based gaming platforms

Our law firm has access to industry-leading experts who are invaluable in helping prove that another company infringed your patented technology, trademark or copyright. We also consult forensic accountants highly skilled in helping us analyze the cost associated with pursuing a trial verdict and recoverable damages. Infringement litigation attorney Syverson and our legal team will evaluate the most effective way to protect your interactive gaming intellectual property.

Our focus on preparing infringement and trade secrets cases for a favorable trial verdict may prompt the opposing side to cooperate in resolving the dispute to avoid the expense of trial. We will take every measure possible to secure a favorable result by seeking damages or licensing agreements or possibly banning your competitors' products from key markets. Our proven ability to prevail in cases that had millions of dollars at stake will be put to your advantage.

Contact Our California Video Game Infringement Lawyer

For more information about our representation of gaming companies in infringement, trade secrets and licensing disputes, contact our Los Angeles law firm to meet with a highly skilled California gaming infringement attorney.