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Los Angeles International Business Disputes Lawyers

The Internet is a borderless business environment. Erik Syverson, a partner at Syverson, Lesowitz & Gebelin, LLP, focuses on Internet and commercial law.

Mr. Syverson and our legal team are committed to representing clients in the United States and internationally who want to expand their businesses and their markets via the Web. We also represent clients who have international business disputes. While our law office is in Los Angeles, our global law practice serves clients in Brazil, Saudi Arabia, India, China, Sweden, France, Australia and throughout the United States. Contact our law firm for experienced international business representation.

Representing International Business Clients

Our law firm has extensive experience offering skilled advocacy and legal counsel to international business clients, such as:

  • European mobile gaming publishers
  • Australian financiers and lenders
  • International pharmaceutical companies with global operations in India, Britain and Brazil
  • European automobile dealerships
  • Chinese internet apparel retailers
  • Saudi Arabian internet and information technology companies
Jurisdictional and Venue Challenges

What is legal in one country might not be legal in another. Many times, international disputes cross borders. Witnesses and key evidence are often scattered between countries. In such matters, courts often struggle with questions of jurisdiction and venue. We work with our international business clients in litigation to find the most advantageous venue for resolution of a legal dispute. When appropriate, we are experienced in bringing motions to dismiss lawsuits based upon lack of jurisdiction. Often, cross border e-commerce transactions complicate matters requiring extensive knowledge of applicable case precedent.

Competent legal strategy regarding jurisdiction and venue can mean the difference between a successful international business litigation outcome and one mired in difficulty and expense.

International Business Attorneys

While business on the Internet may be borderless, international business disputes must deal with the laws of different nations. Legal judgments in one country may be difficult to enforce in another country. For example, many judgments under British law for defamation are unenforceable in the United States. When a dispute involves the conflicting laws of different countries, the assistance of a savvy international business lawyer is required.

Contact an Experienced International Business Lawyer

For more information about international e-commerce and business law, contact our Los Angeles law firm to discuss your case.