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The Internet often moves faster than the world's legal systems. Additionally, most of life and business has migrated from the real world to the Internet. Whether the activity is dating, banking, media consumption, retail transactions or education, the world has moved online. Unfortunately, many lawyers and judges are often ill-equipped to adjudicate conflicts and litigation arising from e-commerce technologies and business models. Many of the laws and appellate decisions needed to govern the future of the Internet aren't yet written, making it crucial to retain a creative, yet skilled California Internet law attorney. For example, at this very moment, it remains unsettled in California as to whether Internet service providers such as Yelp, Google, Facebook and Glassdoor must obey Court orders requiring the removal of defamatory or wrongful content including reviews of businesses.

Skilled Los Angeles Internet Litigation Lawyers

Over ten years ago we made a conscious decision to abandon a general litigation practice and focus upon litigation regarding misdeeds committed on the Internet. We saw the coming wave of legal problems before they began appearing. As a result, there isn’t much that we haven’t seen when it comes to Internet based lawsuits. For example, we have successfully handled many lawsuits regarding trademark infringement springing forth from such activities as advertising with Google Adwords and other similar services. Another example are the countless Internet defamation lawsuits we have won, including judgments for millions of dollars. We are not the largest law firm by size but we have never been outgunned due to our expertise, experience and credentials. At Syverson, Lesowitz & Gebelin, LLP our clientele is as demanding as we are. We represent world famous Academy Award winning actors, All Pro athletes, Hedge Fund owners, CEO’s and their public companies, video game publishers, and a whole host of Internet marketing companies and retail websites. Internet related litigation is our bread and butter.

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Creative Representation to Resolve Complex Internet Law Issues

Our Los Angeles law firm represents plaintiffs and defendants in California and around the world in a variety of Internet law cases such as:

We have extensive experience representing clients throughout California and around the world with complex Internet law needs. Our resources allow us to provide successful litigation and trial representation in both large, "bet the company" cases and smaller litigation matters. We staff our cases efficiently and appropriately, typically with one to three lawyers and one paralegal. There is no repetition embedded in our team approach. Like the special forces, we are small, nimble and potent. Currently, we are litigating the worldwide trademark rights to the famous “Juvederm” mark. A product with hundreds of millions in annual sales.

At the Forefront of Internet Law

Success is no accident. We work hard to stay on the cutting edge of Internet law by closely monitoring the latest appellate decisions and newly enacted statutes. This allows us to quickly attack the novel legal disputes often faced by Internet businesses. Our knowledge and experience may help quickly resolve your Internet law matter and avoid protracted, costly litigation. For example, we are currently litigating the legality of Kodi boxes, a novel new way to view content at home.

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