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Our Successes

  • A $2 million judgment for defamation on behalf of a corporate CEO against two individuals that mounted an online defamation and impersonation campaign against our client. Slaught v. Bellamar.
  • Obtained a seven figure settlement on behalf of small businesses fraudulently induced into advertising with a web based network. Cohen v. IAC Interactive.
  • After a five day jury trial in Orange County, Erik obtained a verdict for defamation on behalf of a law firm partner anonymously defamed by his ex-wife’s boyfriend. In addition to general damages and damages for emotional distress, the jury awarded Erik’s client six figures in punitive damages. Brand v. Dorin.
  • Erik obtained a defense verdict at trial in favor of an outdoor advertising company in a dispute regarding an outdoor billboard lease. Erik’s client was awarded its attorney fees and the verdict was upheld after a lengthy appeal. Superior Nissan v. Trowbridge.
  • Erik represented a Swedish video game company in copyright litigation against a Chinese video game company that stole the source code to the game and sold an infringing version in itunes and Google Play. Erik represented his client in New York’s Eastern District and obtained a seven figure settlement after deposing the defendant.
  • Erik defended a web development company accused of copyright and trademark infringement and forced Plaintiff to voluntarily dismiss its claims after filing a motion for sanctions under Rule 11 of the FRCP.
  • Defended an Internet marketplace against contributory counterfeiting claims brought by Richemont. Richemont v. Tradekey. Erik defeated a motion for summary judgment brought by Richemont seeking $150 million in damages. After Erik’s success, the case settled for $72,000.
  • Secured a judgment for over $1,000,000 in Nevada District Court on behalf of a New York investment firm that had invested in a failed metals business.
  • Successfully defended an international newspaper sued for copyright infringement related to a paparazzi photograph that appeared in the online edition. After conducting discovery and advancing a fair use defense, Erik forced the Plaintiff to accept less than $10,000 to settle the case.
  • Represented Academy Award winning actress, maybe the most famous on the planet, in a case where an anonymous person hacked into her social media and impersonated various people close to the actress. Erik used his expertise to find digital evidence that unmasked the wrongdoer and brought the person to justice.
  • Erik obtained the dismissal of $400 million worth of fraud claims against his Australian real estate investor client in the Northern District of Illinois related to a failed venture involving the purchase of multiple shopping malls in the Midwest.
  • Obtained a dismissal of a lawsuit related to a real estate dispute filed against Erik's client based upon conduct protected by the litigation privilege. Utilized California's anti-SLAPP statute to obtain the dismissal and obtained an award of attorney fees for his client.
  • Advised countless NFL players and coaches with regard to various social media and IP issues.
  • Obtained several judgments and settlements on behalf of C-Suite executives and companies for Internet based defamation. Often securing six figure settlements or higher and complete removal of online defamatory content.
  • Seven figure settlement on behalf of well known hedge fund owner after filing of lawsuit.
  • Defense of dozens of data breach incidents for companies. The latest incident was for a national hotel chain. Erik’s data breach clients have never been sued due to his expertise in remedying data breaches for corporations.
  • Representation of six victims of terrorism who collectively possess judgments in excess of $500 million dollars against the countries of Iran, Syria and North Korea. In a case of first impression, Erik and his team sought to take possession of the country code top level domains for each of these countries as partial satisfaction of his clients’ massive judgments. Erik’s team is working in conjunction with Israeli non-profit Shurat-Hadin. Recent global developments only underscore the importance of this case.
  • Settled numerous FTC lawsuits for false Internet advertising all for less than $50,000. Each case sought millions in damages. Erik’s last case was for a cosmetics company.
  • In a trade secrets case seeking million of dollars in damages, Erik secured a complete dismissal of the case on behalf of his client even after the Court entered a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction. Reachlocal v. Cassidy.
  • Anti-SLAPP judgment for $160,000.  In the matter of Oumere v. Zarpas, a cosmetics company sued a reviewer for defamation.  Erik filed an anti-SLAPP motion which resulted in a dismissal of the case and award of $160,000 to Erik's client for attorney fees.