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Practice Areas

We maintain three core practice areas. Most of our matters in some way involve defamation, intellectual property and/or the internet economy.  Our client base consists of high net worth professionals such as doctors, lawyers and dentists in addition to Academy Award winning actors, CEO's of fortune 500 companies and hedge fund owners.  We also represent small to mid-cap companies and privately held, owner driven companies primarily in the entertainment and media industry.

Intellectual Property

While there is perhaps nothing more difficult to create than intellectual property, there is perhaps nothing easier to steal in the internet age. With one click of a mouse, a movie that required years of toil in addition to hundreds of millions of dollars may be stolen and distributed to anyone with an internet connection. We help our clients gain the full benefit of protections provided by the law. Most intellectual property is protected by the federal government. We help clients obtain patents from the United States Patent Office. We help clients register their copyrights so that when they are infringed, our clients not only have access to the federal court system, but are able to recover attorney fees and statutory damages as well. We also defend clients unfairly accused of infringing intellectual property. When websites and electronic marketplaces are sued for contributory infringement, we defend them by invoking federal statutes like the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and the Communications Decency Act. We know all the angles when it comes to intellectual property, and we aren’t shy about showing off our expertise. We handle the following types of intellectual property matters:

Internet Law

We were one of the first law firms in the country to create an internet law practice group. Long before every international law firm on the planet opened a digital media practice, we were there, dealing with the unique legal problems created by the World Wide Web. We were obtaining large dollar figure settlements for internet defamation when Myspace was the cutting edge of social media. We advised affiliate marketers long before anyone had even heard of click fraud. And we handled data breach matters well before The Interview was even a spark in Seth Rogen’s fertile imagination. The point is, we are devoted to Internet law, we understand the unique aspects of the legislation and regulation governing the internet and we really enjoy helping our clients navigate the legal waters regarding:

Commercial Litigation

Fundamentally, we are nuts and bolts commercial litigators. We understand how to diagnose the strengths and weaknesses of each parties’ position in order come up with a plan to execute a winning strategy. We’ve done it all when it comes to everyday law and motion practice, including jurisdictional challenges, motions to certify class actions, motions to dismiss, summary judgments and even terminating sanctions for discovery violations. There is no substitute for experience and efficiency. We routinely handle lawsuits involving: