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In the worldwide commercial market, trademark rights are invaluable. Consumers presented with the iconic golden arches of McDonald's or the Nike swoosh immediately understand the source of such goods and associated standards of quality.

Businesses invest substantial capital and time in order to establish brand equity in the marketplace. In today's e-commerce and social media world, trademarks are more susceptible than ever to infringement and the likelihood of consumer confusion.

California Online Trademark Violations Attorneys in Los Angeles

When your business is at risk due to a trademark dispute, attorney Erik Syverson, and our legal team are able to aggressively protect your trademark rights. We have extensive experience representing plaintiffs and defendants in trademark infringement cases in California and throughout the world.

If you are involved in a trademark infringement lawsuit in California, contact our office through email or call 310-270-6000 to schedule a consultation with an experienced Los Angeles trademark lawyer.

Online Trademark Infringement

The Internet's role in worldwide commerce has become so significant that it's hard to imagine life today without it. With all the convenience the Internet has brought to businesses and consumers, it is now easier for competitors and counterfeiters to infringe upon trademarks.

Internet advertising is a particularly common venue for trademark infringement. We have handled dozens of Internet advertising trademark cases and fully understand the technology and business models associated with Google Adwords, affiliate networks, search engine marketing and mobile search advertising.

Our law firm represents plaintiffs and defendants in trademark infringement litigation, including cases involving:

  • Domain names
  • Consumer products and packaging
  • Affiliate networks and marketing
  • Fashion and apparel trademarks
  • Auction site-based infringement
  • Consumer lending services and products
  • Pay per click advertising such as Google Adwords
  • Cybersquatting
  • Google keyword advertising and natural search
We are a California Trademark Infringement Law Firm

Trademark rights generally arise from usage in the commercial marketplace. A trademark designates the origin of various goods and services offered for sale. Trademarks may be registered with the United States Trademark Office and, as such, are protected by federal law pursuant to the Lanham Act.

Trademarks may also be entitled to protection under common law state rights. Finally, businesses may obtain international trademark protection through the World Intellectual Property Organization ("WIPO"). Foreign businesses may also enforce their rights through such registrations and protections.

Strategies for Plaintiffs Seeking to Enforce Trademark Rights

As Los Angeles trademark attorneys, we represent companies seeking to file lawsuits to enforce trademark rights and end infringement. We have experience representing a number of plaintiffs in Internet advertising-based infringements. In such cases, we work with our clients and investigators to obtain evidence supporting our clients' claims and then file a complaint in United States District Court. Often, the evidence of infringement is overwhelming.

In such cases we are often able to obtain temporary restraining orders and preliminary injunctions which put an end to infringing activity at the onset of the lawsuit. This often leads to a quick and advantageous settlement or stipulated judgment without having to incur the expense of a long, drawn out discovery process and eventual trial.

Trademark Dispute Defense Attorneys

Sometimes businesses are wrongfully sued for trademark infringement by overzealous trademark rights holders. This is typical in search engine advertising particularly when trademark plaintiffs simply do not understand the nature of a competing business model.

For example, many times affiliate networks are wrongfully sued for infringement, when, in fact, affiliates within that network are solely responsible for the infringing activity. Also, keyword advertising activity may not cause a likelihood of confusion under the recent holding of Network Automation, Inc. v. Advanced Systems Concepts, Inc., 638 F.3d 1137 (9th Cir. 2011).

In such cases, defendants may be able to avoid liability through the use of defense tools such as a summary judgment filing.

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Our Los Angeles trademark lawyers have a wealth of experience defending trademark lawsuits and understand trademark law from both a defense and plaintiff perspective. As such, we are able to provide well-informed litigation and trial strategies to our clients.

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