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Unfair Business Practices Litigation & Regulation

Los Angeles Unfair Business Practices Lawyers

While business is supposed to be conducted in a free market on a level playing field, it doesn't always work out that way. Fortunately, California has a very strong unfair competition law (UCL) to hold people accountable for unfair business practices. Your business shouldn't have to compete on an uneven field, and an experienced business attorney can help you level things out.

Have You Been Hurt by Unfair Business Practices? Fight Back!

Erik Syverson, a partner at Syverson, Lesowitz & Gebelin, LLP, has extensive experience representing clients throughout California and around the world in business law and Internet law cases. Mr. Syverson and our legal team have knowledge of these cutting-edge practice areas along with the skills to protect the rights of individuals and businesses inside and outside of court.

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Skilled Representation in Unfair Business Practices Cases

Our law firm represents plaintiffs and defendants in cases involving disputes over unfair business practices and unfair competition such as unlawful contract agreements, fraud, antitrust and false advertising.

Helping Businesses Avoid Unfair Business Practice Suits

It is important to maintain a good reputation for your business and avoid the costs associated with unfair business practices litigation. We can advise your business on ways to stay away from having these claims brought forth by the public and point out any risky business practices.

It is important to realize what your business practices are, how they are developing and how they may be increasing your risk of being sued in the future.

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